A Semanian Virgin In San Teresa's Vice

Cop Craft spoilers, ho.

Far from being the stuck-up emotionless doll she initially presents as, Our Heroine Tirana quickly reveals herself to be soft-hearted, excitable, and a deadpan snarker willing to give as good as she gets with partner Kei. Indeed, episode 6 reveals that she’s spent an entire month silently enjoying his discomfort.

It also reveals that neither her knightly training nor her police orientation included an explanation of precisely what Vice detectives do, as Kei offhandedly shatters her innocent little mind.

With Our Heroes assigned the rather odd case of why someone would steal a truckload of perfectly-legal dirty books, Tirana finally asks, “so, what is a ‘porno mag’, anyway?”. Kei hands her one of the seized books:

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