Well, that was special...

I use Amazon’s RedHat-based Linux distribution to run this site in their cloud, with Nginx as the main web server, and Lighttpd for CGI-ish things that are reverse-proxied by Nginx.

Amazon’s been pretty good at maintaining the RPMs, to the point that I don’t worry much about running “yum update” and rebooting at frequent intervals, although I do update my test instance before the real one.

So it was not pleasant to go through a typical update, surf to my site, and find the Lighttpd default page instead of my blog. Whoever packaged up the latest release had it overwrite /etc/rc.d/init.d/lighttpd, blowing away my configuration and replacing it with the default one. And it started up before Nginx, so it claimed the ports.

(and before you ask, I would have put my customizations in /etc/sysconfig/lighttpd if the script had been written in a way that allowed those particular changes; the workaround is going to be to copy it to a new name and disable the original)

Fortunately I keep all configs under source control, so I simply reverted that file and restarted everything, but it’s still annoying.

Unrelated, tomorrow there’ll be a double feature: terrible parody song lyrics with matching cheesecake!

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