Not streaming anywhere...

Rune Soldier.

The loosely-related Record of Lodoss War series is collected on Bluray and available for streaming from Funimation, but I doubt RS will ever get a re-release.

Fortunately I have the DVDs, although I suppose I should rip them to avoid eventual bit-rot (and load them onto my iPad for the next trip to Japan…).

(OP video after the jump, because Youtube embeds just keep getting heavier and more intrusive, and I haven’t had time to set up a “click static thumbnail to load video” wrapper).

Fun facts: apparently in the novels, Merrill (the little thief) is the winner in the harem sweepstakes. Also, Louie is eventually revealed to be the king’s half-elf bastard son. The bastard part comes through pretty clearly in the anime, but the fact that his mom was an elf is news.

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