Amazon lightning deal to watch for...

Every once in a while, this Sanag 10000mAh battery pack goes on sale on Amazon. I bought one before I went to Japan in April, and it worked great; smaller and lighter than my big Anker charger, faster and more powerful than my old Mophie (which, by the way, loses its charge annoyingly quickly, where the other two can sit on a shelf for at least a month and still be at 100%).

Wednesday evening, I was checking out a recent order, and found a lightning deal had just started, discounting the standard $26.99 price by $4.39, and then adding a 5% off coupon to bring the total, with free tax and shipping, down to $21.25.

So now I have two of them. Did I mention we’re planning to go back to Japan in November? 😁

(and, yes, it’s breaking my rule against buying things from randomly-named Chinese vendors, but this one has actually been around for a while now, and their reviews are actually about this item, not like the scammers who build up positive reviews on something innocuous and then swap it out so that the same listing now refers to a completely different product; “900 four-star reviews say this underwear fits perfectly, which is kind of odd for a bookcase”)

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