PDF::Cairo example output

I’ve been adding example code to PDF::Cairo. Here’s the output from what I’ve got so far:

  • 2019 Progressive Calendar, a much-cleaner version of the script I wrote in March.

  • Box-slicing test, not actually useful for anything.

  • Image-loading test, ditto. (new! improved! fixed translate/rotate/scale order to get rid of skew)

  • Inkle drafting grid, planning tool for Inkle weaving. Reimplemented from here, using my Box library and polygons rather than my hand-tuned, impossible-to-debug component method. About 12x larger output, but Cairo isn’t a PDF library, it’s a library that can output PDF, so you don’t get as close to the metal.

  • Isometric drawing pad, mixes my Box library with a bit of trig to clean up the grid layout.

  • Kanji practice sheet, currently blank; I plan to add a second example that fills it in with selected characters in a pen font, grayed-out so you can draw on top of them. It’ll be much cleaner than the version I wrote ~14 years ago.

  • Sample Pango layout, showing the use of its markup. Now includes glyph outline support.

  • Japanese report paper.

  • Kyokuto-ish notepad sheets.

  • NEW! Glyph outlines, including manually processing the drawing operators.

  • New! Traveller hex grid. Unlike my 15-year-old sec2pdf script, which I threw together over a weekend when I discovered how terrible the existing Traveller mapping tools were, this one actually centers the grid correctly on the page. (seriously, before sec2pdf, the way to create a PDF Traveller map was to run a DOS program that spat out an import script for an obscure 2D free CAD program, then let it run for 10-20 minutes; these days it’s a lot better, although the border definition method I came up with is still in use)

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