Future Waifu Club Endroll!

Endro! has produced relatively little fan-art so far. Perhaps it’s simply flying under the radar; I don’t recall any mention of it before Don’s. Cute and fluffy, without adaptation baggage, and entertaining enough that I watched the latest one as soon as it came out on Crunchyroll.

So far Mei seems like the least-unlikely waifu candidate: she’s a magic-card-collecting otaku with stockings, garters, and a skirt slit up to there with bonus pantsu window, and she cooks. Fai has huge tracts of land, but a disturbing tendency to vigorously gnaw on things when she’s hungry, which is always. Seira is a cute, responsible bookworm, but suffers from A-cup angst, poor housekeeping skills, is ashamed she needs glasses, and is mildly delusional. Yusha is improbably lucky and severely delusional. Mao-chan is, of course, a loli with destiny issues, while Princess Rona is fixated on her heroine ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo. Unnamed Teacher is the only adult female so far, and dresses for sexcess, but she’s a bit of a lolicon.

Mostly Fai-Fai

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