3D Cheesecake 11

For all their big talk, Tumblrgeddon is pretty much a wet firecracker. They chased away a bunch of content creators, but the only content accurately blocked by their censorware is bare titties, and all sorts of things you might have expected to be blocked (like intimate closeups of (anatomical) assholes) are still right there in your face.

Not only are the sites I pull my non-nude cheesecake from still running at full speed, a number of sites that republish Tumblr-hosted images are still showing nudes without any sort of sign-in barrier. (names omitted to preserve this state of affairs as long as possible…)

Unrelated, I was searching Pixiv for souji (掃除) pictures, and I found myself thinking, “gosh, there’s a surprising amount of cocksucking in housework… oh, wait, she’s ‘cleaning’ it”.


Finally found the last name; interestingly, it took three tries over the weekend to get Google image search to find her.


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