Evil has a terrific rack...

No, I’m not talking about Jens, although she is the platonic ideal of the trope.

DanSora, episode 5

Big battle! Plot crumbs! Busty villain! Lefiya crushes! Lefiya gets jealous! Loki is 50% less annoying! Aiz shows third emotion! Cliffhanger ending that connects to main story!

I expect the next episode to be about 2/3 Aiz hitting level 6, 1/6 Loki, and 1/6 Lefiya fantasizing about how to privately reward Aiz for her latest Awesome Feat.

Eromanga-sensei, episode 6

“We’ve secretly replaced Our Heroine with the cameraman from Agent Aika; let’s see if anyone notices.”

In the opening scene, bookstore-chan’s relationship level with Our Hero is firmly established: he calls her Tomoe, she calls him Mune-kun. So, childhood-friend level of intimacy, which means she doesn’t have a chance against any of the Strange Cute Girls who’ve entered his life. Speaking of which, this episode adds another one, and There Is Conflict.

In many anime, the “buy the Bluray” hook is “uncensored nudity”. In this one, it looks like it’s “animated Elf scenes”. Last episode had the fat jogger filler, this time they just panned over stills and added some audio.

As promised, Megumi is exposed. Two different ways, with her claims of being worldly and experienced demolished as Sagiri draws her tied up and blindfolded and then strips off her panties. Sagiri has the mind of a SomethingAwful goon in the body of the season’s #1 moe-moe-fuckdoll. Honestly, I’m surprised she didn’t insist on acting out a train-groping scene.

And, yes, Fierce Rival Muramasa fits the “evil has a [terrific rack]…” theme. [terrific rack]: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1824238

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