Dear Cuisinart,

It was great that you had the well-publicized recall notice for your food-processor blades, and it’s nice that you sent me email to let me know you haven’t forgotten about sending out the replacements (and subtly hinting that you had to make way more than you’d expected to…), but the PDF cookbook linked to the email as “a token of our gratitude and appreciation of your ongoing patience” is bullshit.

You say, and I quote, “We put this book together exclusively for those consumers impacted by the recall.” A recall for food-processor blades.

Most of the recipes require one or more of your Electric Fondue Pot, Griddler, Grill and Griddle, Blender with Travel Cup, Hand Blender, Automatic Bread Maker, Multicooker, Spiralizer, Steamer, Waffle Maker, Hand Mixer, or Fruit Scoop™ Frozen Dessert Maker. Oh, and some of them include ingredients that can be prepared in a food processor.

As tokens go, I’m not impressed.