Bakuon: Eternal Schoolgirl Lime

So far Bakuon!! is a lot of fun, and seems to be the only thing worth watching this season (streaming on Crunchyroll). Perhaps the best part is that the motorcycle manufacturers are on board, allowing them to use actual make and model names rather than resorting to the time-honored art of “making shit up” (although I think the misreading of Ducati as Zucchini should be treated as canon).


The characters are bright, cheerful, and generously drawn, the art and animation are well-done, and the music is stuck in my head. Very promising.

I hope the writers don’t reveal too much of the mystery behind the senior member of the Bike Club, Lime Kawasaki (“The Stig”), who of course rides a lime-colored Kawasaki. Ghost? Kami? Middle-aged woman who’s really kept her figure? Doesn’t matter; she’s still cool. Sadly, the only girl&bike figures announced so far are Hane and Rin; here’s hoping the whole set is on the way. I could line them up next to the scale model of my bike…