(former) Hello!Project Telepathy Project

In order, I’d say they’re thinking:

  • Yuko: On your knees, slave!
  • Kaori: Let's see... yup, still got it.
  • Natsumi: The Bambi look gets them every time.
  • Mari: I'm the only one who doesn't actually need this gig.
  • Kei: Pardon me while I set fire to your pants.
  • Rika: I will kill you slowly.
  • Yossi: I will eat the body when she's done.
  • Makoto: ...and this is why I need a new photobook!
  • Miki: I am not a frumpy old housewife, you're just trying to make me cry.
  • Satan: Wow, this Ritalin stuff is great!