Dear Open Source community,

This is the sort of attitude that makes me want to bitch-slap some sense into the lot of you.

VIM USER MANUAL - by Bram Moolenaar
Using syntax highlighting

Black and white text is boring. With colors your file comes to life.

If I wanted my files to come to life, I’d wear a white lab coat and call myself Doctor Franken1337. Of course black and white text is boring, you twit; that’s what makes it legible!

[yes, this is a sequel to my rant about Emacs mode-cruft. vi is even less-suited to service as an IDE than Emacs is, so cut it the fuck out.]

PS: Ctrl-] to select topics in your built-in documentation that contains the stuff you left out of the man page? What, Emacs info mode not obfuscated enough for you?