Rosy Pants

Following up on earlier discussions of the trainwreck that was the anime version of Rosario&Vampire, I recently picked up the latest issue of the magazine that’s running the manga, Jump SQ, and learned that:

  • They're hyping the light novel.
  • They're hyping the game, including its two new girls in a crowd scene, holding a DS Lite.
  • They're hyping the second season of the anime, which, if the pictures are to be believed, consists entirely of swimsuit scenes, and adds Our Hero's human cousin Kyouko and the second loli, Moka's little sister Cocoa.
  • In this episode, Nekonome-sensei kicks off a membership drive for the newspaper club. How to get attention? Cheerleader costumes!
  • Cocoa finds this incompatible with her dignity, and flees the fan-service, with Yukari chasing after her. Flying lolis in skimpy cheerleader costumes.
  • Chuu is in the manga cast now, and hangs out with Cocoa. I don't know if he was added because of the anime, or in spite of it; I'm not really following this series.
  • Our lolis go looking for another club for Cocoa, and get booted out of several for being too young. Cocoa doesn't handle frustration well, so Yukari offers her latest magical item: instant puberty candy.
  • Cocoa's a big hit with her new look, easily winning a brick-breaking contest at the karate club, and breaking dozens of hearts in the process. It doesn't hurt that her cheerleading costume didn't quite scale to match her new figure.
  • Cocoa is thrilled with the power in her new adult body, and the effect it had on all the boys. Yukari's thrilled too; not only did they win a lot of money, but she likes Cocoa's new body, too. Especially the boobs.
  • much so that she goes in for a squeeze, leading Cocoa to moan, "oh, what's this strange feeling?", and the lecherous Yukari shows no signs of stopping.
  • Fortunately, Cocoa's honor is saved by the dishonored karate club, who wants a private rematch to salvage their reputation.
  • Naturally the pill wears off just as she's about to kick their asses, dropping her skirt around her ankles. Full-frontal loli-pantsu!

I know there have been a few “serious” chapters in this second series, but they don’t seem to have advanced the overall plot significantly. No matter what happens, Tsukune won’t change in a way that will prevent his harem from glomping him at every opportunity. He can’t leave the school, he can’t stop being at least partially human, and he can’t commit to any one girl. Similarly, Alt-Moka must remain constrained by the rosario, or outer Moka will effectively die.

The mangaka might want to break out of this genre, even if he doesn’t have a real long-term plan for a serious story, but he’s trapped. There’s too much merchandise that focuses on the harem side of the series. Maybe he can work out some of those issues in the light novel, but I think the manga’s future is clear.