December 2005

Four cores, no waiting

My dual-dual-core PowerMac arrived this week. I had to go with the “low-end” graphics card, because there’s a 6-8 week delay on the better one (I simply refused to consider the best one, which would have added $1,650 to the price), but performance is quite spiffy, and the machine is quite quiet in normal operation.

How quiet? I can occasionally hear a bit of drive noise when it’s chugging away, but I’ve yet to be able to pick the fans out from the background noise in my house. I’m sure that will change when I really start pounding on the CPUs, but when it’s idle, I forget that it’s turned on.

Sadly, since I’ve come down with the seasonal muck, it’s all I can do to sit up long enough to play World of Warcraft for a few hours. The good news is that I can crank up all the video options and still get 30 frames/sec on my 20” Cinema Display. Well, except in front of the bank in Ironforge, but that problem’s on the other end.

Configuration details:

  • 2.5GHz Quad-core PowerPC G5
  • 4GB DDR533 Non-ECC 4X1GB
  • 250GB Serial ATA-7200rpm
  • 16x SuperDrive Dual Layer (DVD-R/CD-RW)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB SDRAM
  • AirPort Extreme + Bluetooth

The machine it’s replacing is a dual 1GHz G4 (WindTunnel aka “Dual Mirrored Doors”), so some performance improvement is to be expected. :-)

Yeah, what he said

I love the Internet. Whenever someone writes about how a certain group of people behave, inevitably commenters will prove his point by example. Either they’re not reading past the first paragraph, or they’re so self-absorbed that they simply can’t recognize themselves in his words.

The third possibility is that they’re just drive-by commenters who don’t even bother to read the words of someone who disagrees with them, and just regurgitate reflexively.

Fuggin’ around

Just keep clicking…

This recent entry explains why Playboy wanted Deborah Gibson naked. Not just because she’s got a great body, but because she shouldn’t be allowed to dress herself.

I think it must be a new kind of camouflage; she’s dressed to hide behind the Sixties.

A busy month

Oral final exam for Japanese 1. Get fitted for a tux.
Fly to Las Vegas, to...
Walk my sister down the aisle for her wedding.
Turn 39, then fly home for...
Written final for Japanese 1.
Buy my first suit.
Last class for Japanese 1, deliver small gifts to the teacher and her two assistants. While this could be interpreted as oseibo, in truth two of the gifts were an excuse for the third. I'm quite taken with the youngest one.
Three-hour flight to Minneapolis, three-hour layover, two more hours to Dayton, Ohio, in order to be...
Best man at my brother's wedding.
Flying home to sleep it off.

I’m a bit fuzzy on just how many brothers and sisters I’ve acquired in the past week, a lively mix of Canadians and Ukrainians.

PS: my mother did not in fact die from the shock of seeing me dress formally twice in the same century.

A for Effort...

…but I don’t think Christian manga has much of a chance in the current market.

Serenity Christian manga

Admittedly, putting a cute girl on the cover with the subtitle “bad girl in town” will pull in some eyeballs, and it’s a good time to release anything called “Serenity,” but the interior art is crap. Perhaps if you’d hired the person who drew the cover?

If it shows up at local bookstores, and it’s not shrink-wrapped, I suppose I’ll look inside to see if it’s done well, but I have a hunch the writing is heavy-handed and the art is weak, a sure way to sink this new venture.

PS: the redemptive power of high-school bible study groups is a more fantastic premise than either Eiken or Battle Vixens. Good luck with that.

Never buy a 1.0...

Last night I put my new quad-core G5 to sleep. This morning it didn’t wake up. The fans spun, the drive spun up, but nothing else. Power-cycling didn’t help. I don’t even get the infamous power-up chime noise, and it never gets to any of the boot screens, so it’s not only merely dead, it’s really most sincerely dead.

I’ll probably go into the office and swap the drive into another G5 PowerMac so I can back up the data, and then it’s time to exercise my AppleCare policy.


Speaking of dancing chibis...

…how about this video that mixes equal parts Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, and nekomimi chibi joshigakusei.

Funky Cat Maybe still

For offline viewing, there’s a torrent available.

Update: Google video may be short on dancing chibis, but at least they’ve got Morning Musume making cat noises.

Meet the iBra

The jokes just write themselves when it comes to this support garment that I spotted a poster for in Vegas:


Woofers, tweeters, knobs, volume control, remote control, playlists, etc, etc. More fun, though, was finding out who else is using the name “ibra”:

The wrong spam to send to a D&D player...

Subject line:

First-level designers available for you

Personally, I want designers with more hit points.

And here’s the pitch, straight from “Doug” (Joerg Wempe of Bad Hersfeld)

Corporate image can say a lot of things about your company. Contemporary rhythm of life is too dynamic. Sometimes it takes only several seconds for your company to be remembered or to be Iost among competitors. Get your loqo, business stationery or website done right now!

I think anyone who buys a loqo from this man is crazy…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”