Sentenced to anime

For my recent road trip to Kirkland (which was what cut my road trip to LA short), I filled my suitcase with anime DVDs, most of which I picked up based on recommendations. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking of one-sentence summaries of the stories, for both the new stuff and the ones I’ve had for years.

Possible mild spoilers…

Nadia: Jonny Quest meets Jules Verne; Hadji replaced by hot young Atlantean princess.

Amazing Nurse Nanako: Sadistic doctor bullies deformed, retarded nurse; allegedly funny.

Aika: The bastard child of Moonraker and Tomb Raider, with product placement by Victoria’s Secret.

Hand Maid May: Lovestruck fembots test the Grandfather Paradox.

Please Teacher: Boy meets (alien) girl, marries girl, falls for girl; Pocky ensues.

More to come. Maybe.

Mahoromatic: As her death approaches, the world’s greatest killing machine seeks penance, happiness, and a larger bustline. Warning! Final episode takes place on the planet Zeist!