Las Vegas trip highlights: Angela Little

So, I’ve returned from my little road trip to Las Vegas, and I bless the kind soul who let me know that Angela was the X-Mate for this month in ‘X - An Erotic Adventure’ at the Aladdin.

When my friend Dave and I arrived at the Luxor Sunday evening, we discovered that eight hours on the road had not really tired us out, so we decided to see what show we could get into from our list. He was only mildly interested in going to a topless show, but I insisted that no matter what the rest of the show was like, he would definitely appreciate Angela Little.

Sunday nights are usually pretty good for getting into a show on short notice, and this was no exception. A quick call got us seats, and we began wandering up the strip, expecting to arrive quite early so we could find the ticket counter and the theater.

As we finished navigating through the casino, I spotted a shapely blonde about thirty feet ahead of us, headed in the same direction. Even without seeing the face, I had a pretty good idea who was filling out those jeans so nicely, so I called out Angela’s name and was rewarded with a glorious smile and a big hug as she turned and recognized me from Glamourcon. We chatted for a few minutes while we walked, and then she had to go inside and start getting ready for the show.

We got into the theater and discovered that our seats were dead center in the front row, right at the bottom of the stairs. A waitress prettier than most of the dancers took our drink orders, and we settled in.

About fifteen minutes before the show started, two of the dancers came out and quietly struck poses, holding each position for a minute or two before changing. Their lightly-oiled figures were athletic and shapely, and the poses and skimpy costumes showed them off to great advantage, but the overall effect was pretty lifeless. They were effectively mannequins, decorative but in no way sensual.

About five minutes before the show started, an extremely pretty contortionist came on stage (whose name I have alas forgotten, and it’s not mentioned on their official web site). She had a very slender natural figure and a winning smile, and did a brief routine to show off her flexibility.

Then the main show began, and the eight regular dancers performed in a variety of skits, all of which were polished, entertaining, and mostly accompanied by loud rock music (of a generation more recent than mine, so I couldn’t tell you what most of the songs were). Angela appeared in two scenes, one a solo in black lingerie with a Playboy logo on the crotch of her g-string, the other as the white-clad flight attendant in the mile-high skit, which involves a guy pulled from the audience to spend some time behind the curtain with Angela (when he’s visible again, his clothes are disheveled and he’s breathing through an oxygen mask).

All of the dancers had fit, healthy bodies. Several had natural breasts, and only one had truly awful implants. Three were quite pretty, but only one was a match for the contortionist, and of course Angela stuck out like a torch in a toothpick factory. Everybody could, in fact, dance.

The prettiest of the regular dancers, Cyber Girl Natasha Bernasek, had a smile bright enough to make me overlook her too-big implants (which were, at least, professionally done). She’s also the one who came down into the audience and planted a friendly kiss on my friend.

The second-prettiest was a tan brunette with an all-natural body and another great smile. Alas, she’s a recent cast change, so there’s no information about her on the web site yet, an omission I hope to see corrected soon. They introduced all the girls at the end of the show, but I can’t remember what hers was. [you may have guessed at this point that I was enjoying the show sufficiently that my brain was denied its customary share of blood :-)]

Third on my list was a long-haired Romanian brunette the web site identifies as lead dancer Roberta Lorincz. During her solo bad-girl number, she ripped off her t-shirt and threw it to one of the other guys at my table, and then extinguished her cigarette in my drink as the finale. [the drink was, of course, quickly replaced by a waitress]

The cuddly contortionist came out again for a longer routine during the show, expertly showing off her flexibility, sex appeal, warm personality, and sense of humor. She really seems to enjoy using her talents, and in fact her primary complaint after the show was that she wasn’t able to really show off how long she could hold her poses.

About halfway through the show, comedian John Padon came out, and was so damn funny that no one in the place seemed unhappy that he was a fully-dressed guy instead of a topless girl. His routine lasted just long enough, and then it was back to the girls.

Afterwards, Angela and the contortionist were outside chatting and signing autographs. The comedian was supposed to be out there too, but I never saw him. If he was there, somehow I overlooked him as I got another big hug from Angela and an introduction to her pal.

Then I went back to the Luxor and hit a $1500 jackpot on a quarter slot machine. That was almost as good as Angela’s hugs.

At random intervals over the next few days, Dave would suddenly turn to me and say, “You know, Angela is really cute.”