2011 Japan Vacation

Nothing says purity like a dragon

Higashi Honganji is a large temple just north of Kyoto Station. This is the place Fledge was referring to in a comment to my pictures from four years ago, where the purification basin has a dragon fountain.

Purification basin at Higashi Honganji, Kyoto

Tricky to get a decent exposure of a shaded object with bright white tents behind it (they were celebrating the 750th anniversary of their founder), but I think I managed.

Crow's Nest

Time for another look at Kinkakuji, this time with a well-placed observer.

Kinkakuji roof, with crow

Ear rental optional

Surprisingly few of the cosplayers at Toei Studio Park had animal ears. Out of season, or out of stock?

Cosplay at Toei Studio Park

Other sources of color

The autumn leaves weren’t the only thing brightening up the Kyoto Botanical Garden.

Kyoto Botanical Garden

(no pictures yesterday? I blame it on Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Back to Japan!

My sister and I have managed to align our schedules for another trip to Japan. Bad news: four months from now. Good news: four months from now, which means cherry blossoms.

Flying in Japan

If you search Expedia for a round-trip flight from Osaka to Naha, the cheapest is $895. If you search JAL’s site, $335. In other words, while it’s fine to use sites like Expedia for your international flights, they’re (coughcough) “suboptimal” for domestic.

And, before you ask, the purpose of this tentative side trip is not to search for busty alien catgirls, but if any show up, I’ll be sure to get pictures.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”