“Points all her own…”

“​…sittin’ way up high”

Never mind the general babehood and the token mod-black-chick amazon in the background, check out the uplifting fashions our heroes and their captor are sporting. Paradise Island’s lingerie shops clearly feature Sufficiently Advanced Technology, enough so that I wonder if the Invisible Plane was just a spinoff product.


Predicting the future, The Marvel Way

Trapped in a world a comic book writer made!

Howard the Duck #1, November 4, 2015

Given that this was before Trump won the nomination, the writer probably thought it was just the right level of absurd joke the HtD comics were known for.

Of course they do!

Marvel tailoring

(file this under “fun with Marvel Unlimited”)

More Monster Girls

Okayado’s Daily Life with Monster Girls isn’t the only recent entry in the genre. While his own series 12 Beast is more of a “high school student travels to fantasy world” story, Youkai Shoujo and Hitomi-sensei’s School Infirmary are closer to the mark.

This is not necessarily a good thing, but I’ll keep an eye on them.

Hitomi-sensei's Infirmary

Dear Matrix,

That humans-as-batteries moment in the first movie? Please apologize for inspiring the villain’s evil plot in the second volume of the new Ms. Marvel comic. Because bullshit that thick always leaves mental scarring.

Outsider, page 103

Here, posted a week ago. The comment includes “see you next week”, but it’s a bit early to get your hopes up…

Stone Clouds

So, the old Radioactive Panda site is mostly dead, but, as promised, Stone Clouds is back, this time on its own domain, starting with a re-release of the old material, with cleanup and color.

Imminent Death of Net Predicted, Webcomics Edition

Outsider and Stone Clouds are both promising to resume Real Soon Now.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”