The entire Moderation Team for the Rust programming language has resigned. This came as a surprise to everyone who didn’t know that Rust had a moderation team, or what it was contributing to the development of the language.

The answer is, of course, Toxic CoC Syndrome:

Remarks that moderators find inappropriate, whether listed in the code of conduct or not, are also not allowed.

In other words, “we’re the Tone Police, and whatever we say goes”.


And if someone takes issue with something you said or did, resist the urge to be defensive. Just stop doing what it was they complained about and apologize. Even if you feel you were misinterpreted or unfairly accused, chances are good there was something you could’ve communicated better — remember that it’s your responsibility to make your fellow Rustaceans comfortable.

So if someone says “your pull request is worthless garbage that breaks the build”, they are required to apologize and stop harassing you over your earnest desire to decolonize the language by renaming all problematic functions.

For more fun, this CoC incorporates by reference the “Citizen Code of Conduct”, which includes this hilarious little gem:

No weapons will be allowed at [COMMUNITY_NAME] events, community spaces, or in other spaces covered by the scope of this Code of Conduct. Weapons include but are not limited to guns, explosives (including fireworks), and large knives such as those used for hunting or display, as well as any other item used for the purpose of causing injury or harm to others.

Since the “covered spaces” of the Rust-y CoC primarily consist of Discord channels, online forums, and git checkins, I’m assuming they’re referring to weaponized emoji here:

🥢 👞 🧀 🗡 🏓 🔞 🚔 🧸 🥋 🌂 🔩 🧫 🤺 🛁 🎛 ⛏ 🥩 🇺🇸 🥓 🪓 ©️ 🧨 🔪 🛑 🖋 🧷 🏏 💤 🏒 ⚠️ 🔧 🥊 💣 ⚓️ 🗑 🧼 🧻 🔨 🛂 🔫 🦨 🙈 🙉 🙊

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