Urakata: 2.1

Everything I knew about life as a first-grader could be summed up with the words “first” and “grade”. I’d been near schools before, sure, turning boys into men with a wiggle and a smile while staking out a target, usually one of the teachers, but I don’t think I’d ever been inside a classroom full of kids too young to be interested in playing hide-the-sausage, and definitely not as one of those kids.

What did they do in there all day? And how? I was pretty sure things were still pretty structured in this era, with a strict hierarchy that I was going to be at the bottom of, but what about between kids in the same class? I didn’t have a clue, and my Power-provided memories didn’t supply one. I was going into the jungle, and I needed a native guide.

Shit. I needed a friend. I needed to make friends with a little girl, right away. Damn, this life was going to be elephants all the way down.

“Yeah, but…”

In the comments for the previous snippet, we discussed the way this story doesn’t quite fit the same format as the previous one, where each snippet naturally ranged from around 100-250 words. I’ve tentatively revised chapter 2 to 350-450, except for this opener, which still feels like it should end where it does.

Hopefully I’ll have some more time to think about it Tuesday afternoon. Today began with a surprise all-hands meeting that redefined our org charts and involved a lot of hockey metaphors, followed by post-upgrade cleanup and pre-maintenance prep.

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