Isekai: 3.1

Ariel was physically about 17, emotionally about 7, and intellectually a cat chasing a laser pointer. Bright and clever, sure, but severely ADHD. She’d bonded with Angel early in both of their lives, but had been separated from the others a long time ago. Since they never changed physically, they didn’t know how long she’d been alone, but I got the feeling it was longer than I’d been alive. Maybe a lot longer.

Her presence disrupted our comfortable routine. No, that’s not accurate. She disrupted me, with her eagerness for physical contact and her sleek, sexy body. She craved affection, rubbing against us every day and sleeping between us every night. And the fur that covered her just enough for modesty (mine; she didn’t have any) was so soft it got me going even when she wasn’t pressing her firm breasts against me. And she purred; oh, god, the purring.

What made it even harder was that she clearly approved of my interest, and openly flirted and teased. Only Angel’s increasingly-silent presence was keeping me from trying for a piece of tail, and something had to break.

Virginia’s story threw me a curve…

The Native Guide worked out better than expected, not only getting me out of the trope trap, but serving as a catalyst to push the whole thing in a much more open direction that doesn’t need a big cast. A lot more ends up happening in a single day than would have otherwise, to the point that I have to back up a bit to move the most recent scenes forward a few hours and use that to bring in the fourth character.

I don’t think Virginia will find her way back to make trouble for Jack and Angel, but she might end up in a place that sets up a hook for them.

5,500 words so far.

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