Isekai: 2.5

“I kind of liked the hero thing.”

She grinned, then hugged me again to soften the blow to my ego.

“I think she found a hero. Here, on that rock, pulled across by a real Power, but left unwatched and unguarded. She staked her claim, then used the connection to shift back along your lifeline and take the credit. That’s something we can do.”

Remembering precisely how we’d been connected when I arrived, I looked down to find Angel blushing furiously.

“When we’re older. So I’ve heard. Change the subject, please.”

“So you think she was, what, poking around in there’s dusty little corners, and stumbled across something she could use?”

“Exactly. And that rock is the way in. It’s where she found you, it’s where you found me, and it’s where we’ll find her.”

Would you believe we found another redhead waiting to pounce on us?

StandardNotes: sync fail!

Well, StandardNotes just ate 160 words. It didn’t actually lose them, since their document history on both desktop and mobile apps allows you to see the exact chain of events locally and on the server, and “restore as copy” any of them. But there was no hint of a sync conflict on either end. If I hadn’t known my latest little scene was missing, I might not have gotten it back.

I’ll spare you the precise timing issues, which are in the newly-filed bug, but the iPad client did sync the correct data from the server, and then immediately reverted to the locally cached version from 3 AM, pushing it up to the server as soon as I started making edits, which the desktop version noticed and synced back down.

So, great work on actually preserving my data, but a solid F for silently overwriting it in the first place, and at best a C- for the recovery experience. And note that since the desktop application is just an Electron wrapper, it doesn’t implement the native Save menu action to mean something like “sync now”.

This sort of experience is actually a good reason to write in plain text, because I was able to painlessly merge the three versions back together with BBedit’s diff mode.

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