It takes a village without a constable

Most of the whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, videos, and actual indictments alleging widespread election fraud do not point to a sinister secret cabal of mustache-twirling villains. They point to a bunch of little people, secure in the belief that when their side wins, there will be no consequences, even if they get caught.

Hopefully they’re wrong. That “social worker” who thought it was a great idea to vote 67 extra times in the names of her patients? Now facing 134 counts of election fraud. In Texas.

Was there also a larger, more organized fraud, the sort that results in thousands of late-arriving ballots with nothing on them but a vote for Biden? That allegation is before the courts, where it belongs. As are others.


🎶 “All in all, it’s just another glitch in the Fall”…

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