We have always been at war with Eastasia

We didn’t start the fire

Democrats: : we will heal the divide in our nation.

Also Democrats: : we’re making a list of collaborators, and they will be dealt with.

Dear Donald J Trump,

Until January 20, I think your priorities should be:

  1. appointing judges,

  2. signing executive orders,

  3. declassifying everything.

Not necessarily in that order.

Let your legal team handle both the apparent shenanigans and the confirmed ones.

“When did it stop?”

Which reminds me, for all the folks who simultaneously insist that Trump (and before him W) stole an election while there wasn’t even a hint of fraud in the elections of Democrats, when did election fraud go away?

We know it used to exist in America. Lots of it. At all levels. We know it still exists all over the world, everywhere that there’s even a chance at scoring cash or power by bending, breaking, or shooting holes in the rules. We still remember when Democrats were shouting from the rooftops that Diebold voting machines would deliver phony Republican victories.

But it’s all gone now. Never happens. Certainly never in enough numbers to sway a major election.

When did it stop? How was it stopped? How do we confirm that it hasn’t started up again? How do we ensure that it doesn’t go undetected?

The answer is to do a lot of things that Democrats are violently opposed to, like auditing the voter rolls every year, requiring ID to vote, requiring ID to register to vote, cross-referencing registrations between all states, openly and transparently auditing the results, etc. Funny old world.

Speaking of voter ID, we’re told that potentially millions of citizens would be disenfranchised by an ID requirement at the polls. Yet the people making this argument aren’t willing to help them get IDs.

After all, these millions of citizens without ID are unable to get a job, buy liquor, enter a courthouse, rent a car, open a bank account, board a plane, start a business, take out a loan, etc, etc, etc. People opposed to voter ID are somehow fine leaving them out of the rest of society, as long as they can vote.

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