Iosevka Termanal

So, yeah, I rolled my own. The primary change from the prebuilt SS02 version was that I made it standard-width and a bit lighter. And reversed the slash on the zero, just because I could. I included the build plan and the necessary diffs in the Zip file, and only built Regular and Bold with their matching italics.

Completely unrelated, Amazon recommended a new manga series to me: To Save The World, Can You Wake Up The Morning After With A Demi-Human?. In which Our Hero’s mission is to knock up as many monster girls as possible in the hope that one of them will give birth to The Chosen One who will defeat The Demon Lord.

Except that he’d really rather just hold hands with the cute elf girl in his homeroom class. And he passes out whenever the girls get him excited. And then they do him anyway while he’s out. And the more often they all get a fill-up, the more potent his secret sauce becomes, so they’re all willing to share. Even the Legal Loli dwarf girl who can’t quite wrap herself around it yet.

Not an isekai, apparently, just a perfectly ordinary Japan with a wide variety of horny monster girls and a recurring Demon Lord infestation.

9/2 update

I decided to make the bold a bit bolder, to better differentiate it at various sizes. Zip file updated.

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