Sometype Mono

I’m trying out a programming font, the free Sometype Mono. It avoids almost everything I hate about coding fonts, and beats out the previous champ Office Code Pro by not having an italic $ or five-lobed *. Set width is a bit narrower, but not as condensed as the same designer’s non-free Code Saver ($25 for 3 weights and matching italics, if you like squeezing a few extra columns into your windows). Specifically, an 80-column window of Office Code Pro will fit 83 of Sometype Mono, 86 of Code Saver, or 88 of my former standard Anonymous Pro.

I can get Code Saver through my Adobe CC subscription, but I’m going to start with the free one, since I’m setting up a new work laptop this weekend, and it won’t have an Adobe license.


The Programming Fonts web site, which I hadn’t visited for a few years, includes Sometype Mono in its live previews, as well as an increasing number of cleanups of existing fonts to fix many of my complaints. The least-unreadable preview setting at the bottom is the base16-light color scheme and the None syntax coloring.

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