Dear Pokemon Company,

Remember when you decided that the multi-player interactivity in Sword and Shield would be restricted to seeing player names and pokemon nicknames, participating in raids without even hand signals, and burning curry together?

The following screenshot from the shiny new trade tool Pokemon Home tells me that your system needs a little work:

Seriously, how do you not block the all-caps N-word in an online service where you validate the data before allowing someone to start a trade?

Also, this was on Pokemon Day, when it was announced that Greninja was the most popular pokemon in the world, and sure to be searched for by lots of players.

In other news, I think I’m ready to face the first gym challenge in my new German Shield playthrough…

Nessa/Rurina’s outfit isn’t really suitable for the player’s avatar, or for her stable of young assistants, who look deeply jealous when she pays attention to another girl.

The competition for Best Girl is pretty stiff, but here are my choices for the second and third members of my dream SwSh harem:

I mentioned earlier the oddly-refreshing innocence of the Pokemon universe, but I’m afraid my mind is firmly in the gutter…

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