Okay, Game Freak...

Tired of one-third of all raids being G-max Alcremie for the past month? Good news! Now half of all raids are Milcery, plus a chance at the item that turns them into… (wait for it…) G-max Alcremie.

Sitting at home sick yesterday and today, I’ve gotten at least sixteen of them so far. In fairness, the pre-evolved ones all had strawberries, and this event is handing out all the other candies, so you can fill out the full set of 63, if you’re into that sort of thing.

It appears that this is heavily biased toward low-level characters, and people who’ve finished the story won’t see quite as many of them. I had whimsically decided to level up a second profile in Japanese far enough to catch some Dittos, so I’m drowning in マホミル.

Unrelated, in anime news, Funimation belatedly realized that a show about men screwing whores was about men screwing whores, and ran away screaming. Interspecies Reviewers is no longer streaming legally in the US, or some other related streaming services internationally (apparently Sony bought up a lot of them).

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