Early birthday present...

Foolishness during my college years really messed up my credit rating. It didn’t help that they kept confusing my records with my father (same first name and middle initial, and of course overlapping home addresses), who had been through several bankruptcies. In fact, when I moved to California in 1993, I had trouble getting an apartment; I had to point out to the landlord that the Sears charge card listed under the bankruptcy was older than I was.

Things have improved over the years, in both income and personal habits. Enough for this:

My 2011 Camry Hybrid is holding up nicely at 230,000+ miles, but it’s nice to know that if I needed a new car, they’d give me the good rates. My only major planned expense for next year is Japan in March, and we’ve already paid for the hotels and tickets. If the new MacBook Pro keyboard design holds up, and Catalina eventually makes it out of beta, I may invest in a new laptop (with Mojave running in a virtual for my legacy 32-bit software).

(and, yes, everyone reports this differently; there are apparently half a dozen different versions of FICO in use, with about a 25-point spread)

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