News filters

What kind of news stories do you automatically ignore? Here’s a few random filters of mine:

  • anything violating the 72-hour rule on a breaking story by jumping to conclusions about what happened based on reporter bias and/or third-hand rumors (such as the almost-never-true “second shooter”).

  • obviously-staged “hate crimes”. To a first approximation, all hate crimes are faked.

  • breathless reports of new “scientific” discoveries.

  • any headline that includes an obvious stop word, such as: trigger, intersectional, cis, trans, appropriation, diversity, woke, patriarchy, fascist, anti-fascist, vegan, problematic, ally, undocumented, structural, inclusive, identity, nazi, dogwhistle, toxic, microaggression, ableist, diversity, *-phobia, etc; unless it’s the Bee, of course…

  • any headline mentioning Edward Snowden that doesn’t prefix his name with the words “Russian spy”.

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