Good Eats! The Return 1&2

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back-to-back, it’s… chicken parmesan and hipster grains? Eh, whatever, it’s Alton doin’ his thing, so it’s worth watching. Just don’t expect me to start calling chia and quinoa “Good Eats”….

Note that when introducing his “favorite quinoa recipe”, he apologizes for the half-stick of butter, 3 cups of half-and-half, and half-cup of mayo, but not for the 12oz of broccoli, which I find far more disturbing.

(file under peculiar that the ads DirecTV forces you to watch with Good Eats on their app are all aimed squarely at housewives; pity that I had to use the app to watch at my office, instead of on my DVR, where I never see any ads at all)

Now I’m free to catch up on Cop Craft! Hmmm, and there’s a new episode of Sounan Desu Ka?, but I’m guessing that the focus on Homare’s dad will not produce the quantity of fan-service that last episode did.

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