Homebrew FU

To augment the relatively small amount of Open Source software included with MacOS (soon to be even smaller), I used to use Fink. Then I used to use DarwinPorts (now MacPorts). And just now, I started wondering if it’s time to give up on Homebrew.

Why? Because the maintainers very very quietly decided to gut the functionality of the tools by removing all of the compile-time options for every package, restricting them to a single flavor. The dozens of bugs filed since then just get closed with rude noises, and maybe a handful of the requests for lost functionality get added back as part of the one-and-only build flavor (but only if they’re submitted in precisely the correct format and don’t conflict with other undocumented policies). The best part is that if you had installed something with options selected, it silently broke the next time it was updated.

Their recommended solution: “create your own tap”, which is like telling someone who came in for an oil change to build their own fucking garage if they don’t want 5W30.

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