My sister has booked the flights for our next Japan trip, which will now be in March; this Thanksgiving just wasn’t working out for her schedule. That gives me more time to build up my cash reserves, more time to get my knees worked on, and more time to finally go through all the pictures from the last trip…

We’ll be flying in and out of Haneda again, but spending most of our time in Kyoto; this adds two shinkansen trips and luggage transfers, but makes sense because she could get us free business-class upgrades for Haneda, but not for Kansai. So we’ll ship our bags directly from the airport to Kyoto, spend the night near Shinagawa Station, take an early train the next morning, drop off our carry-on bags at the hotel, and spend the first of our 10 days in Kyoto. Then it’s back to Tokyo for a few days of museums, shopping, and penguins.

I’ll be driving up to Mount Hood next month for a week of kumihimo, but that’ll be it for this year, I think. We’ve got a week-long family thing in Sedona in February which will be another long drive, but low-stress.

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