DanMemo, now with less Crunchyroll!

The English version of the picking-up-girls-in-a-dungeon mobile game is no longer co-published by Crunchyroll, but is being directly published by the localization studio now. They transitioned the social media accounts a few days ago, and now it’s the app’s turn.

Today’s update, despite the scary error message, strips out the co-branding and downloads the assets for the second part of the preeeeeeeequel story line set 1000+ years in the past (in which not-Bell is more annoying than Bete and Loki put together, his half/step-sister not-Lefiya is a distinct improvement over the original, and the other analogs are a mixed bag). The previous update also added a way to improve characters who’ve already hit the level cap, making some of the nearly-impossible-for-free-players content potentially reachable.

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