Stop. Just…stop.

I forgot to bitch about this when I first saw it…

New in Emacs 26.1:

** The Emacs server now has socket-launching support. This allows
socket based activation, where an external process like systemd can
invoke the Emacs server process upon a socket connection event and
hand the socket over to Emacs. Emacs uses this socket to service
emacsclient commands. This new functionality can be disabled with the
configure option '--disable-libsystemd'.

** A systemd user unit file is provided. Use it in the standard way:
'systemctl --user enable emacs'.

Honestly, I never saw the attraction of emacsclient in the first place. I open text editors in terminal windows, like Zod intended, and I edit text files in them. My entire .emacs file is devoted to turning off all ‘features’ unrelated to editing text.


I should mention that Emacs also has launchd integration on the Mac, which I’ll never use. It’s the systemd part that bugs me; it’s like what you’d get if you crossed kudzu and cockroaches. Note: do not mention this within earshot of Lennart Poettering. He might try it!

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