Dear UPS,

When you’re delivering 2 42-pound packages with adult signature required, it’s generally a good idea to ring the bell and knock a few times before leaving a tag that says “I’ll try again Monday”.

This advice is not just for 4-days-to-Christmas.

Bonus fuck-you to customer service for taking half an hour to pick up the phone, only to automatically change the packages so they’re held for pickup rather than redelivery, which I definitely did not request. Because we have nothing better to do than their job.

(actually, he changed one of the packages to be held, and seemed to know nothing about the other one on the InfoNotice until I told him; Gold Stars For Attendance all the way around)


Oh, FFS; turns out the driver who left the InfoNotice tag hadn’t even bothered to scan its barcode into the system. There was no record of it when we drove over to pick up the packages, and they had to look up both tracking numbers instead.

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