Leaper Colony

I wish I were kidding.

“Trapped in the past, [The] Doctor Beckett finds himherself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time, that hisher next leap will be the leap home.”

I think I got about ten minutes into “Rosa” before getting bored and wandering off to do something else. The setup reeked of Very Special Episode, and I’d rather clean the toilets than have a Message shoved down my throat. So I did.

Newsflash to the SJWs of the world: the civil rights movement won, the environmental movement won, the animal rights movement won, the women’s rights movement won, etc, etc, and it all happened decades ago in the West. You’re not fighting for anything any more, you’re just fighting against everything that’s left. If you want to fight for women and gays and religious freedom, invade the Middle East; if you want to fight for the environment, invade China. Be sure to ask a Republican how to shoot before you go.

Second try

I think I made it halfway through before I ran into a DVR glitch that seems to have chopped about a minute out of the show (between Ryan’s third-rate stalking and the Doctor tricking Danny Zuko). After the end of that scene, though, I lost interest again, not just because Danny’s acting was so terrible, but because Ryan started up the “OMG Ponies!” temporal fangirling again.

Note to the writers: put the sledgehammer down and back away slowly.

I set it to record the Thursday repeat, so maybe I’ll get to see the missing scene and everything will be more entertaining and less preachy. Guessing not, though; it really needs some Al and Ziggy. Or maybe some Mr. Peabody.

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