Too late, Dish!

Yesterday, I discovered that Dish Network stopped carrying TV Japan at the beginning of the month, replacing it with a really lame channel called Family Gekijyo. Today, my mail contained a letter from Dish:

Great news, on April 2, 2018, DISH is launching a new Japanese Pack! This will replace TV Japan. TV Japan has decided to remove their channel from your Dish TV programming line-up.

The new Japanese Pack will include the following channels:

  • Family Gekijyo: the international version of this popular Japanese channel is being created to offer general entertainment programming including, live action series, anime, documentaries and game shows. Plus, news programming to come!
  • MLB Network: this channel is the destination for baseball fans and offers live baseball, original programming, highlights, and insights and analysis.
  • Bloomberg Television: this channel offers the latest global business and markets news.

Translated to English: “we didn’t offer TV Japan enough to renew their contract and had to scramble to find something, anything, to replace it with. We know it’s crap, but we hope to string you along with two unrelated channels and a $5/month discount for three months so we don’t lose that sweet, sweet $25 you’ve been paying.”

Too late. If I can get it through Comcast Business (unclear if their TV offerings are the same as the consumer Xfinity), I’ll dump you completely. I could replace you with DirectTV, too, but that would be more of a hassle.

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