The Naming of Macs...

“​…is a delicate matter”.

There’s a new MacBook Pro waiting on my desk when I get there today. It needs a name.

My first MBP at this company was named Exodar. Once I purchased a much-faster personal one with a Japanese keyboard, named Togetsukyou, I mostly used it for testing and virtual machines. Both flaked out years ago, and almost precisely three years ago they bought me a new one, which I named HelloParty. That one is down to one working USB port, which I should be able to get fixed under AppleCare after I migrate to the new one (giving me a good test machine again).

Other entries in my stable are Mone (Raspberry Pi), Melwin (Mac Mini), Courier (Surface Pro 2), Ririka (old Asus gaming laptop), Bentenmaru (less-old Asus gaming desktop), and Akatsuki (OpenBSD router).

My initial thought, due to the fact that it has the non-tactile touch-strip that replaces the top row of the keyboard, was to call it NoEscape, but that would get depressing after a while.

Currently I’m thinking either Macchi or Sakie. Leaning a bit toward Sakie, because as a laptop it won’t be running headless…

Any other suggestions?

Friday Update

Sort-of-contest extended, because it turns out the Mac that arrived wasn’t mine! I was getting ready to start migrating all my data over, and mentioned being sad about only getting the 512GB SSD instead of the 1TB I wanted, and one of the other guys said, “no, we got approval for the 1TB SSD; this must be someone else’s.”

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