Moving Tales

So, we’re in the new building. Well, not the me part of “we”, yet; we’re still down the street from the old place for another month, until that lease is up, allowing them to use our space for storage and staging and such this week. It’ll shave about 15 minutes off my commute when I do get moved there, though, so that’s nice.

We kicked off the move early Thursday morning, powering down the data center and grabbing some essential servers and gear that we wanted back online as soon as they swung over the Cogent line, leaving the rest for the professional server movers (for the first time, this was Not Our Problem).

Anyone in the Bay Area may recall that it started pouring down rain in the wee hours Thursday, the first real rain of the season. Those of us who were still a bit groggy as we finished the server shutdown were suddenly WIDE AWAKE when the fire alarm went off.

…because the rain was coming into the electrical closet through a conduit, right onto the fire control panel. Smaller quantities were also coming into the server room, including a small amount right into the rack where all of the Really Important Servers we were about to hand-carry were located. Fortunately, we got everything out intact.

To our immense surprise, we could plausibly claim to be fully functional this morning when people showed up. They couldn’t all unpack their offices and cubes because things were still being moved and built, but that was also Not Our Problem this time.

Pro tip: when you have to be out of your old building by date X, get the keys to the new one no later than X - 90. Not X - 20ish.

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