Talk Talk, Titty Talk, Truthy Talk

DanSora 8

Talkiest. Boss Fight. Ever. (okay, “recently”)

Also, “As you know, Bob, this famous event that’s never been mentioned before not only explains the odd behavior of the character who was introduced last week, but will be crucial to the plot this week.”

Despite having leveled up to take on Busty Tamer, Aiz’s rematch with her is overshadowed by the rest of the party fighting The Monologer. After he takes his expository lumps, he’s written out of the story forever when Busty Tamer eats his heart.

Like much of what happens in this series, the action is an excuse to fill in the blanks about the DanMachi universe. It’s basically the novelist’s background notes baked into a cheesecake and covered with whipped cream. Lefiya is the cherry on top.

Speaking of Lefiya, she’s in full-on Action Girl mode in the fight, which compensates for her awkward-but-earnest girl-crush on Banshee whatshername. This chick really needs to get laid (see previous paragraph).

This is not quite an actual conversation from the episode:

“Bete’s a dick”.

“Oh, that’s just his funny little way.”

Eromanga-sensei 9

Note to Our Hero: just because you’re too shy to enjoy the view at the beach doesn’t mean you can deprive us of the opportunity. Next time, hold off a little before offering her the shirt off your back.

I am very disappointed that neither editor-san nor bookstore-chan managed to crash the Bikini Confession Party. Fortunately, Elf has bigger tits than I expected. In other news, Fifth Wheel Guy’s homosexual panic added nothing to the episode.

Doctor Who 10.8

Well, that was… better than last week without actually being good. I preferred the 2007 version.

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