On Comey and Clinton

I’m finding it really difficult to care about Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. After going all-in for Clinton, he discovered at the 11th hour that evidence would come out that he’d acted as a partisan hack, and tried to weasel his way out of it. Claims that the timing is suspicious because of investigations into “the Russian connection” are all smoke, no gun. I’m sure that four years from now there will still be die-hard believers in this nonsense, just like there are still people who think Bush stole two elections; you can’t reason someone out of a religious position, so there’s no point in arguing with them.

As for Hillary Clinton, she wasn’t really running for President, she was trying to unlock the achievement “First Woman President”. After working hard to make Trump her opponent, her campaign didn’t actually try to beat him. Instead, they spent most of their time and money running up the score in states she couldn’t possibly lose, assuming that they had it in the bag and could afford to try to make it “historical”.

In the end, the weakest Democrat lost to the second-weakest Democrat, and since my vote didn’t even count at the county level, I am free to laugh at everybody.

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