Definition of a good time

You’ve spent the past two weeks being yelled at by a user for not getting their external partner’s incoming connection to work

and you’ve had a tcpdump running for an entire week showing that no connection attempts have been made from the IP addresses the partner provided

and they schedule a conference call at a time that’s convenient for the partner’s third-world contractors

and they confirm their IP addresses in the chat but the test fails again

and your tcpdump shows them coming in from a completely different IP address

and they start to wrap up the meeting saying they’ll contact their network team who hadn’t been invited and reschedule for the next day

and you have to yell into the microphone to tell them to try again right now since you’ve just added their real IP address to the firewall

and they confirm that it works but continue talking about who’s going to do what and how they will communicate the results and who will be responsible for the next step and oh fuck who cares you stopped listening two minutes ago

and you close the multiple tickets created by the user who doesn’t understand that CC’ing the helpdesk on every email keeps creating new tickets

and the partner emails a list of 26 possible IP addresses that does not include the two they originally claimed were the only ones they use

and then they try to schedule another meeting anyway and you reject the invite twice

and you go back to bed.

…and reach for earplugs because the neighbor puts his dog out when he goes to work and it barks and whines all day long and sounds remarkably like one of your users.

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