Alien Sex Friend

(from the NSFW game HuniePop)

Shamus didn’t precisely recommend HuniePop, but he did say that the Bejeweled-ish gameplay was far superior to the original and most of its clones, and that he felt quite uncomfortable with the dating-sim elements, particularly the “overnight date” where you play a twitch version of the puzzle to “score” with the young ladies. So, to be more precise, he did recommend it, but only to pervs who like anime-style cheesecake and hilarous simulated moaning with their match-3 puzzles.

The gameplay is engaging, and it’s completely free of the fetishes it would have if it were a real Japanese dating sim. Meet girls, impress them with your Mad Match-3 Skilz, admire the naughty pictures they send you, and giggle at the noises the voice actresses make as your score goes up and down in the twitch puzzles. There is an easy-to-apply “adult” patch if you buy it on Steam (create a file with the correct name), but all it does is unlock a few pictures that are more detailed and less appealing.

The art and voice acting are mostly quite pleasant in the dating-sim component, making the girls quite appealing. The unlockable characters are pretty easy to get, and include alien bounty hunter Celeste, catgirl Momo, and love-fairy Kyu. Once you’ve collected the whole set (pokémon joke omitted…), there’s one final secret character, and then an “unlimited” mode.

There are two major drawbacks: it only saves when you leave an area (so you can’t upgrade your stats and buy/sell things, then exit), and the Mac version stores your save file in the cache folder, which can get wiped if you upgrade the OS. This is apparently a common problem with games built on the Unity engine. So, be sure to save the contents of this directory frequently: ~/Library/Caches/unity.HuniePot.HuniePop

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