Adolescent Spring

Stumbled on a Tumblr, 青臭い春, full of Japanese cheesecake from an earlier era. Easy on the eyes, and some pleasantly natural toplessness as well, to warn those for whom bikinis are worksafe but nipples are not.

This is Yumi Asō, an actress born in 1963 and still working a lot:

Yumi Asō

Aging nicely, too:

Yumi Asō, 2015

(via, promoting a drama that has some other pretty women, and four adorable pre-teens. [Side note: I was curious about the young Ema Baanzu, and wasn’t surprised to discover that Japanese Wikipedia included the details of her 25-21-26 figure; sigh])

Following the trail of Yumi’s bikini work led here, a fairly random assortment of bikini-clad cuties, and this one caught my eye:

Midori kinouchi bikini

But the caption gave her name as “木之内绿”, and the only things that came up in Google were a handful of Chinese blogs and some really obscure video sites that wanted to play three-minute ads. They clearly identified her as a Japanese singer, but even forcing Google to return only Japanese results turned up nothing. Turns out the Chinese fan sites were writing her first name in hanzi instead of hiragana, and fixing that returned a wealth of information about idol singer Midori Kinouchi. These days she’s apparently an anti-nuke activist.