Are you gonna call?

Even many of the critical reviews of the new Ghostbusters are buying into the claims that there was a massive misogynist movement opposing it [citation needed]. So, with a decent-but-not-outstanding opening weekend, it now needs one of two things to be a success: a solid second weekend to show that people are willing to tell their friends and see it again themselves, and/or outstanding overseas performance. That means that this is the chart to watch.

With the second-largest number of screens and only one major competitor, this weekend wasn’t hard. Next weekend? Star Trek Beyond and Ice Age: Collision Course open, and The Secret Life of Pets will likely still be competing for space. Today, in my town, Pets is showing 38 times to GB’s 24, and at one of them, all of the morning and afternoon 3D/Atmos/MPX screens are reserved for Pets. Finding Dory, still making good money, has 15 showings, and The Legend of Tarzan 13; rounding out the top five from the boxofficemojo link, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates has 10.

Me? I stayed home. There was nothing in the theaters that looked even vaguely interesting, and anyway, I’m getting over a week-long battle with a rather nasty cold. I doubt my bouts of coughing would have enhanced the movie-going experience for anyone.