"Trans" jumped the shark a long time ago...

… with 1985’s ‘Trans-avantgarde magazine for onanists’, Chris:

Chris: 'Trans-avantgarde magazine for onanists'

For more fun, if you go to this partial archive of the magazine to see if they were “reading it for the articles”, and run the page through Bing translate, you’ll find a regular writer whose name gets translated as “Maki’s Puffy Nipples”. This stuck out, so to speak, so I had to look it up. Turns out there’s an OCR error, and the hiragana for 山岸信郎 came out “Maki Shinopu” instead of “Maki Shinobu”. Bing renders the correct hiragana as “Wind-up Shinobu”, which sounds like a Doraemon toy. I have no idea how they got “puffy nipples” out of “shinopu”; must be the “pu”.