What I’ve been watching recently, more or less:

Doctor Who
Better than last season, mostly due to the relative lack of Missy. The high point for me was coming up with a decent way to bring back Osgood and tie into the excellent 50th-anniversary special. The most recent episode, however, left me nodding off repeatedly due to the laconic pace, and the whole Louie Punch solution was... "disappointing". The one before that was only notable for a tediously drawn-out gratuitous death scene, and the special-effects animation in Clara's bra.
Heroes Reloaded
Frequently whiny and borderline incoherent (due in part to the expectation that of course everyone watched the web-only mini-episodes featuring the loser whose name I can never remember), the nicest thing I can say about it is that the often-dead female cast is quite attractive when they're not trying to look fierce. Or dead.
   I never had a big investment in Heroes after the writer's strike took the show down, but I agree with the critics who've been saying that they still think the things they pioneered in season one are fresh, rather than tired clichés overused by everyone else since then. The Japanese dialog has been quite odd in places, with only a loose relationship to the English subtitles, and often seems to be at the wrong level of politeness. Also, the whole meet-cute between Miko and Ren felt like they left out about an episode's worth of interaction.
   On a related note, Kiki Sukezane can actually do a decent fight scene ...in her demo reel on IMDB; the stuff they had her doing for most of the season was utter crap by comparison. (her training is in Tate, a school of dramatic stage fencing, which doesn't seem compatible with how they staged her fights)
Agents of SHIELD
I originally dumped this during the train episode in season 1, then used the wiki to catch up because people told me it got better. The current season started off with a major emphasis on Daisy's bustline, and even managed to get Gemma stripped down and pushed up. Oh, and there's some kind of story involving the outbreak of Inhumans; I'm two episodes behind at the moment. Doesn't suck, but I hope they wrap up the "rival agencies" crap soon.
The Librarians
They ran a marathon of season one a while back, so I whimsically set my DVR to record it. Quite good, actually, and the only thing I actually watch as soon as a new episode shows up.
Man In The High Castle
Watched the pilot when it came out, loved it. Watched the second episode when it came out, loved it. Haven't sat down and watched the rest yet, but expecting to love them.
I'm still a full season behind, but that one's now free on Amazon Prime, so I'll catch up soon. I'm completely in love with Rosalie, of course.
My DVR failed to record episode one, but I happened to catch the second one. Wasn't as good as the original teaser trailer promised, but I'll try to record the inevitable reruns and catch up some time.