Whatever they say about black cats crossing your path on Friday the 13th, I can assure you that black catgirls are good luck. Well, catgirls of any shade, really. NSFW after the jump.

Kuroneko cosplay

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Note: Google keeps autocorrecting “catgirl” to “cat girl”, which shows a disturbing lack of awareness of what people really want to search for.

Ai Shinozaki, catgirl

(by the way, selecting “Visually similar images” after doing a Google image search for this one produces some very pleasant results)

And while this may not officially be AsoIku cosplay, she’ll do in a pinch:

Catian officer

While catgirls often have a little difficulty keeping their tails out of the way, this enterprising young lady’s solution adds to the anatomical confusion surrounding hybrids:

Catgirl wardrobe malfunction

And if catgirls aren’t your thing, have a black bunnygirl:

Mahjong bunnygirl

And, finally, a real black bunnygirl:

Black Playboy Bunny

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