Cloning Remo

In good news, CloneBD’s most recent update fixes the video problems I had copying the UK Bluray of Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, so with the region-coding stripped, I can now watch it on my big TV without plugging in my laptop.

In dubious news, they’re making a new Destroyer movie, with the director promising to follow the novels more closely. Fans of the books mostly hated the movie, but the origin story in the novels is pretty awful. In fact, it took 10+ books for the formula to settle down and develop the relationship between Remo and Chiun, and you don’t have time for that in a movie. So if it’s going to reintroduce the character with an origin, it can’t be the origin from the books, and it can’t take a dozen adventures to build up a relationship between the leads.

The fact that the director involved is also doing remakes of Predator and Doc Savage doesn’t increase my confidence at all.

[Update: still doesn’t work on a Playstation 3, so I suspect the video has the PAL framerate; I’ll have to use one of the CloneBD options that reencodes the video if I want it to play on less-capable machines, but meanwhile, it works on my TV. Now to test the rip of Buckaroo Banzai…]